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Signal Mountain Camp 2017 – June 17th-19th

Get ready for an exciting weekend filled with fun and fellowship! An awesome (3) day camp is in the works for June.   This year we will be going to Camp ToKnowHim in Pisgah, Alabama. The goal is to have families and kids share a weekend together focusing on God and the fellowship we enjoy because […]

UNITE on Sunday Night!

The Signal Mountain Church of Christ will be kicking off a summer family fellowship series on May 14th. The series is called UNITE on Sunday Night! Our congregation will be meeting at 5pm every Sunday night during the summer for some wonderful opportunities for fellowship, food, singing, teaching, and fun! We look forward to seeing […]

Chattanooga Work Camp – Daily Schedule

It is time for Work Camp 2017!  Hope you are ready! We need youth, college age, and adult volunteers. The DATES for Work Camp 2017 are May 31st through June 3rd! See the schedule below…

Location & Service Times

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Return, Rebuild and Restore

Reading for today’s lesson: Nehemiah 4:1-15 Ezra and Nehemiah are some of the latest Old Testament history accounts in the Bible. The end of Chronicles, which records events decades earlier, tells us of the terrible times of extreme crisis that have brought ruin and collapse of the Davidic dynasty. Israel as a nation has been […]

Mother of the King

Every child in our world needs a godly mother very badly. As we look at some of the kings of Judah and their mothers today, notice the difference a mother makes! Happy Mother’s Day!

What’s This About the Temple

We started our reading this week in 1 Chronicles 17, where David tells Nathan the prophet that he wants to build a house for God. God tells David that he is not the one to build God’s house, but that a son after him will be the one to build a house for God. Then […]

Does God Ever Give Up on Us?

God’s word takes us through human history and reveals how God works and how we resist His work, but sometimes respond in repentance and receive His will and blessings. God wants us to hear Him. God also wants us to heed His voice. He will use painful things to accomplish His will.

A Good Prophet for a Bad King

1 Kings 22 has a great story about Micaiah’s prophetic words to king Ahab. Many lessons surface as we consider this event. Let’s consider a few of these today.