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Monthly Student Meals – September 12th

The monthly student meals are coming back soon! Hope you are ready to be fed both physically and spiritually on Wednesday nights! These monthly meals are for middle and high school students and their families! They will happen on the second Wednesday of the month at (6 pm) during the school year.

Fall Group Ministry

  Please, contact John Curtis or the church office to sign up or for more details!

M.A.G.I. Box – Service Project

All families are invited to participate in this wonderful ministry of Healing Hands International! M.A.G.I. boxes are essentially shoe-sized boxes packed with items for children. They are delivered all around the world each year during Christmas time. This year, they will be hand-delivered by two of our church members, Maddy B. and Jenny N. on […]


Please, open the link below and completely fill out the Google Form to register your child! VBS Registration Link

Location & Service Times

Signal Mountain Church of Christ


What’s God Writing on Your Wall?

Daniel 4 and 5 give us the accounts of Nebuchadnezzar’s coming to faith and then his son (or grandson) Belshazzar’s fall. Nebuchadnezzar’s pride had brought him under God’s punishment, but in his humiliation, Nebuchadnezzar came to recognize and bow to the Lord God.  Daniel 1-4 tells the account.  God used four faithful Jewish boys to […]

Then They Will Know

Ezekiel 37 is one of the most graphic prophetic expressions in the Old Testament: The Valley of the Dry Bones. It is also widely interpreted. As we walk through this chapter this morning, think about this: to what extent will God go so that His people will know Him as their Lord and God?  Ask […]

What God Will Do

God says some shocking things three times in a row about what He will do to His people. Can He really do that?

We’ve Got to Tell It!

There’s no such thing as a Christian that won’t share God’s word. The name Christian defines God’s people as Christ-like. Our job is to declare His praise and call for others to follow Jesus.