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2017 Christian Men’s Leadership Conference

Saturday, March 11th Central Church of Christ in Dalton, GA, Keynote Speaker: Gary Massey, Jr. Break out sessions about: *Fathers *Disciples *Elders *Deacons *Teachers Schedule: 8:00 a.m.– 2:10 p.m. Cost: $12 per person – includes breakfast Ask Greg Nance if you would like to attend or if you have any questions.

Threads of Love at Red Bank Church of Christ

Red Bank Church of Christ will have a beginner quilting class starting on March 6th at 6pm – it will run for (3) weeks. Anyone is welcome to attend. There is no cost. Each participant will buy their own supplies. If you are interested or have friends who are interested, please let Red Bank know […]

Challenge Youth Conference – February 24th through 26th

The Signal Mountain congregation will be taking a group to the Challenge Youth Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. See Danny or Jennifer Ellis for details! http://cyconline.com/main/index.php See the schedule below:

El Salvador Mission Trip 2017

The Signal Mountain congregation will be traveling to Concepcion de Ataco, El Salvador, in April for a mission trip! The group will be helping the church in Ataco construct ten classrooms. Please, be praying for this construction effort and everyone that will be working on this project! See the document below for details regarding the […]

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Becoming Holy, Like it or Not

This week through Numbers 5-23 we witnessed the wilderness journey of Israel. Building a holy nation is an enormous task. God won’t settle for anything less! See how He accomplishes His work of sanctifying Israel, and reflect on how He accomplishes this in us today.

Be Holy? Me?

If you asked anybody, “Hey, in one word, what would you like to be?” I daresay most would not answer, “Holy!” In fact, you might hear, “Happy, attractive, healthy, rich, or lucky.” But “holy?” Well, perhaps we’ve never given “holy” enough thought. Let’s look at this a bit this morning and see what we discover.

The Ten Commandments, Marriage Vows?

Overview of Exodus 14-35: Red Sea, Song of Moses, Miriam Waters of Marah, Elim, Manna and Quail, Water from the Rock, Amalekites Defeated, Jethro’s visit, Administration suggested Mount Sinai, Ten Commandments and various laws spoken by God, Covenant confirmed with Moses, Aaron and sons, and 70 elders before God. Moses Goes up Sinai to receive […]

How do we Know that the Lord is God?

Scripture reading for the lesson: Exodus 5:1-2 & 7:1-5 Let me first say that our Sunday evening auditorium group had all kept up with the reading schedule last week. We had 100%! Let’s all be encouraged to keep up the good effort! If you do get behind, don’t drop out! Just start where we are […]