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Gordon’s Annual Fall Family Fish Fry

Gordon is inviting everyone to his home for another Fall Family Fish Fry! Great food and good fellowship! Hope you are ready! Mark your calendars – October 8th at 3pm!


High School Luau at the Drennan’s Barn

Ted and Scottie are inviting all the high school students and their families to their barn for a Luau party! It will be on September 25th from 3-7pm – hope to see you there! There will be fun, games, food, and a devotional! Contact Kendall or the Drennan’s for more details!


M.A.G.I. Box – September Service Project!

The Baxley family has been collecting M.A.G.I. boxes for the last couple years and delivering them to Healing Hands International in the fall. All families are invited to participate in this wonderful ministry of Healing Hands International! M.A.G.I. boxes are essentially shoe-sized boxes packed with items for children. They are delivered all around the world […]

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Signal Mountain Church of Christ


Jesus, Son of Man

Today’s biblical scholarship that denies Jesus’ divinity and the miracles of scripture leave us with no Jesus at all. His very identity is wrapped up in His divinity. His humanity makes him the perfect Savior. Lion of Judah, Lamb of God; King of kings, suffering servant; Almighty God, nursing infant… who would have ever thought it? This is not myth. It is truth.

Son of God?

One of the most challenging features of the gospel is this: Jesus Christ is the Son of God. If someone takes this seriously, they must either give themselves to His service or reject and oppose all who follow Him.

Our Elders

God designed the church. Elders are God’s gift of leadership for each congregation. Let’s keep our Elders in our prayers and let them know our needs so they can pray for and guide us.